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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of financical position and the ways of improvement on the exmples of LTD "Modus" and LTD "BMC Gorgia"კილაძე, ნათელა 
2020Analysis of the interaction of production expenses and financial results on the example of GeoSteel LLCეგრისელაშვილი, თამარ 
2020Analysis of the marketing environment in the educational spaceFutkaraia, Giorgi ; ფუტკარაია, გიორგი 
2020Analytical value of frofit and loss reportingkhvedelize, Inga ; ხვედელიძე, ინგა 
2017Analyzing Russia’s Foreign Policy Objectives: August War of 2008 and Annexation of CrimeaShaishmelashvili, Giorgi 
2021Application of E-marketing (digital marketing) tools for Consulting Firms engaged in International Educational BusinessChinaza, Mathew Peace 
2021Arbitrability Of Intellectual Property Disputes And Challenges During Judicial Review Of Arbitral AwardShapatava, Inga 
2020Aspects of balancing Professional and Personal life for the purposes of Article 33 (2) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Unionქარდავა, ქრისტინე 
2020Assessment Methods of Investment ProjectsAdeishvili, Solomon ; ადეიშვილი, სოლომონ 
2019Assessment of the existing resources in the field of mental health in GeorgiaAsanidze, Natia ; ასანიძე, ნათია 
2019Bank Guarantee as an Independent Means of Supply of the RequestKoniashvili, Sopio ; ქონიაშვილი, სოფიო 
2018Beekeeping end products marketingბაიაშვილი, გიორგი 
2019Biological and Agronomical Study of Grape Varieties Rarely spread in the Guria RegionKharaishvili, Natela ; ხარაიშვილი, ნათელა 
2019Biological and Agronomical study of Rear Varieties Spread in Khartli RegionKasheishvili, Tinatin ; კაშეიშვილი, თინათინ 
2018Biological and Agronomical Study of White Grape Varieties Spread in ImeretiBibileishvili, Otar ; ბიბილეიშვილი, ოთარ 
2020Brand image influence on consumers purchase decisionJincharadze, Tornike ; ჯინჭარაძე, თორნიკე 
2011The Bronze Statuette of a Colchian Horsewoman on Samos: Accident or Design?Licheli, Vakhtang 
2020BSEC-ის ქვეყნებთან საქართველოს ვაჭრობის პერსპექტივებისალაძე, ცოტნე 
2019Burden of proof in Georgian civil procedure lawСhidrashvili, Kakha ; ჩიდრაშვილი, კახა 
2020Business risk management issues in Georgia (On the example of fraudulent business risk)Gugunishvili, Tamar ; ღუღუნიშვილი, თამარ