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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Qualification problems of some civil servent crime (bribe, influence trade, abuse of service authorized)Gogoladze, Mariam ; გოგოლაძე, მარიამ 
2020Quality Management in General Educational Institutes of GeorgiaKoberidze, Ana ; კობერიძე, ანა 
21-Dec-2012Recent developments on polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases for liquid-phase separation of enantiomersChankvetadze, Bezhan 
2020The reform of the Georgian tax system and its consequencesKvatchadze, Giorgi ; კვაჭაძე, გიორგი 
2019Regulation of the international pharmaceutical businessAndiashvili, Maia ; ანდიაშვილი, მაია 
2020Regulation of the international pharmaceutical business resumePorchkhidze, Teona ; ფორჩხიძე, თეონა 
2020Reinsurance market development trends in GeorgiaBasilaia, David ; ბასილაია, დავით 
2020Relation between Russia and Siria in the middle east’s geopolitical contextზურაბიანი, გიორგი ; Giorgi Zurabiani 
2018Relations between the European Union and the United States of America in the Strategic Stability of 21st CenturyGiglemiani, Diana ; გიგლემიანი, დიანა 
2020Research of consumer attitudes towards the country of originMalazonia, Mariam ; მალაზონია, მარიამ 
2020Research of determining customer attitudes towards online insurance, on the example of “TBC Insurance”kobakhidze, Salome ; კობახიძე, სალომე 
2019Research of traumatism financing and patient satisfaction on the example of private insurance companyJaparova, Ana ; ჯაფაროვა, ანა 
2020Result and analysis of the company's financial activitiestkhelidze, Nari ; თხელიძე, ნარი 
2018The role of business communications in a companies ManagementJintcharadze, Lana ; ჯინჭარაძე, ლანა 
2019The Role of Energy Security in Determining Foreign Policy: The Case Study of the European Union and GeorgiaJaposhvili, Teona 
2020Role of financial intermediaries, banks, securities in enhancement of budget revenueTsomaia, Nino ; ცომაია, ნინო 
2020The role of financial reporting analysis in the planning process of tax auditGegia, Ana ; გეგია, ანა 
2020The Role of Healthcare Management in Managing Changing Circumstances and Growing UncertaintyAmkoladze, Guram ; Lomsadze-Kuchava, Maia ; Jokhadze, Khatuna ; ამყოლაძე, გოჩა ; ლომსაძე-კუჭავა, მაია ; ჯოხაძე, ხათუნა ; Амколадзе, Гурам ; Ломсадзе-Кучава, Маиа ; Джохадзе, Хатуна 
2020The Role of Information Technologies in the Tourism IndustryIosava, Mariam ; იოსავა, მარიამ 
2020The role of investment in the development of national productionBartia, Ana ; ბართია, ანა