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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Judicial mediation by modern Georgian lawMenafire, Ana ; მენაფირე, ანა 
2019Juvenile justice reform in GeorgiaTsakadze, K. ; წაქაძე, ქეთევან 
2020Leading Role of Innovation for Sustainable Economic DevelopmentMaisuradze, Temur ; მაისურაძე, თემურ 
2020Lease and investment property accounting on the example of Hotel Europe Ltdდარბაიძე, ნინო 
2019Legal challenges of implementation of the right to a private life in Georgia (in the part of disclosing (publicizing) of video records/ photos which are demonstrating one’s private life)Robitashvili , Tatia ; რობიტაშვილი, თათია 
2020The Legal Features of the marriage contract in Georgian and foreign lawsKhuroshvili, Nino ; ხუროშვილი, ნინო 
2019The legal regulation of property rights and responsibilities of the spousesBakradze, Nino ; ბაქრაძე, ნინო 
2019Legal rights and obligations of parents and children (Comparative law analisis)Bortsvadze, Nona ; ბორცვაძე, ნონა 
2019Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer Neoadjuvant Treatment ModalitiesJankarashvili, Natalia ; ჯანყარაშვილი, ნატალია 
2021Locus Standi of Locally Incorporated Companies and Shareholders under ICSID Convention and BITsKhizanishvili, Nino 
2019The main aspects of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign policyMikelashvili, Lili ; მიქელაშვილი, ლილი 
2020The main features of the financial management of the financial risks : The word’s experience and georgiaMshvenieridze, Neli ; მშვენიერიძე, ნელი 
2019Main legal aspects and related problems of the mortgage in Georgian judicial practiceBerishvili, Nino ; ბერიშვილი, ნინო 
2019The main priorities of post-Soviet Georgia's foreign policyNozadze , Salome ; ნოზაძე, სალომე 
2019Main task of the Master thesis is: Regulation of Legislations of Marital AgesMosia, Tatia ; მოსია, თათია 
2020Management of medical facilities developed Countries and Georgiakarkashadze, Ani ; ქარქაშაძე, ანი 
2020Management of Organizations in Conditions of High Ethical Standards and Social ResponsibilityKavtaradze, Tamari ; ქავთარაძე, თამარი 
2020Management, critical thinking and memoryLomsadze-Kuchava, Maia ; Giorgadze, Khatuna ; ლომსაძე-კუჭავა, მაია ; გიორგაძე, ხათუნა ; Ломсадзе-Кучава, Майя ; Гиоргадзе, Хатуна 
2020Marketing communications system in international businessChevik, Ketevan ; ჩევიქი, ქეთევან 
2020Marketing research of consumers attitude towards fast delivery service on the example of TbilisiKadaria, Diana ; ქადარია, დიანა