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Iashvili, Irakli
Iavich, Maksim
Iluridze, Gvantsa
Imnadze, Eka
Imnadze, Rati
Imnaishvili, Natia
Inauri, Zhana
Induashvili, Mirian
Iosava, Mariam
It is unthinkable to do business in modern life without using information technology and systems. Nowadays, activity of the company depends on the continuous functionality of information systems. And the risks associated with information systems are increasing simultaneously with the growth of this dependence. Hence, it has become the subject of the study of the latest methodogies and approaches of information system risk analysis and management in the different countries, as well as the prospects of their implementation and challenges in Georgia. This research will examine the decision proposed by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association about information sytems risk analysis and management. This decision is one of the key part of governance of enterprise information technology and is reviewed in the book - COBIT. The paper describes what is COBIT, its structure and basic components. In addition, this research includes examples and experiences of companies in different countries around the world who have implemented COBIT for analysis and management of risk related to information systems. The paper also covers the approaches and practices of information systems related risks within companies operating in Georgia.
Ivanidze, I.
Ivanidze, Vasili
Ivanishvili, N.I.
Jafaridze, Natia
Jamburia, Lia
Janelidze, Davit
Janelidze, Kristine
Jankarashvili, Natalia
japaridze, Ana